We all have Seriously Valid Perspectives

In the middle of the night, I awoke to a flash of words in my mind..


It was one of those moments that you just can’t explain..

Totally vivid, real, and of some importance that eluded me in the moment, but I knew it was something.

Years have passed and ‘Earth Real’ has now certainly taken on a new meaningful context in the light of the non-sense that we see happening in the World today..

And it’s about time we address it in some way that will help illuminate the way forward from here.

I knew when I was young that this was an incredible world.. And it is far more incredible, and far more beautiful than I ever knew..

We are all riding upon it.. a living planet,  infinitely attuned to a nearby star born of the cosmos in which the great dance of elements settled into their places to create it all.

So as I grew into the world, and the world into me, the swirl of all these realities  created a perspective that I knew we all shared. It’s the view from here; wherever here may be to you and me.

Wherever you may be, there is a view from there. You must see things from a completely unique perspective. And that’s the real value we all can share.

Though even so.. We must share what is infinitely changing. Our perspective is completely fluid. It moves with every glimpse into every new direction as we sway through this world upon the breath of each and every new day.

But we share this world. We all see it as the ground we walk upon, it is always around us, embracing us with all that it is, and all that we make of it.

It is our common home.

Here, we are all  Earth Real.

Within this reality, seriously valid perspectives abound.

So naturally, there is a lot to talk about, and there even more to do. So it’s important to learn to understand one another. And what a world it would be if we really could understand each others perspectives. Just imagine the impact that a new clarity of understanding could have on not only the potential resolution of a complexity of issues but, together we might be able to address the many conditions, consequences and perpetuating challenges that face us all?
We may find new answers.. New opportunities.. And perhaps even new hope, new beginnings, and great benefits.

Can we evolve into a place where meaning, and values and earthly wisdom bring us into alignment with each other in a way that will be the benefit of all.

We certainly have been resilient in the light of all those challenges that we all face, and we must continue to do our best with what we have, so it makes sense that together.. as this planet’s people there are many things we must discuss in the process of moving forward from here.

This will take a some organization, some method, and process. It will take a strategy and a vision.

So our mandate at Earth Real is this:


  • Foster the discussion.

  • Help navigate and nurture the discussion.

  • Help make the discussion more valuable and pro-active in the real world.


So let’s put a hold on the insanity and embrace some fresh new perspectives.

Let’s explore some significant real things, and revel in the discussions we can share.

We are confident that one day we will be able to say ‘these are the perspectives we share…

These are the things we can do’.


We must explore this together.

In a new way..

And that’s what Earth Real is all about.


We are about to get real with deal that we have together here.

Never stop imagining all the ways in which we can make it better.

Just sit down and look around. The World is before you, and there are wonderful things that we will agree upon, that will make real it’s future. The future is a function of the living now.